Game Day: Washington Capitals at Florida Panthers




Just how many more pleasant surprises can ex-Cap/current-Cat Zednik dish out?





Caps @ Cats, 5p - BankAtlantic Center, FSN-FL


Panthers: 28-19-8  64P, 2nd in SE    Capitals: 35-16-5  75P, 1st in SE

LAST 10:    FLA: 7-3-0      WAS: 6-2-2

HOME & AWAY:  FLA (H): 15-6-5    WAS (A): 13-12-4

GAME 3 of 6    SEASON SERIES: 1-1

ALL-TIME: 37-36-9 WAS



Every game is a now playoff game, and tonight is no different.

The Caps slide east from Tampa Bay after a crushing blow to the Bolts, and Florida soldiers on with the same lineup utilized so effectively on Friday against the Rangers. Vokoun? In. The Cats will have to find a way to beat this divisional foe at all costs. I'm not going to be making this one live, but the Open Thread of Doom will take place around 4:30; I'll see about another "Field Trip" deal with JP at Japers' Rink, and do check him out for his take on the game. Really enjoying those.

Does Richard Zednik have another can of Hero up his sleeve? Can the Panthers drum up another four-plus goals in what is certain to be a high-scoring affair? Will I ever find the power within to actually complete my laundry on a Sunday?




The Caps' Mike Green set an NHL record for defensemen by scoring a goal in his eighth-straight game Saturday; the goal was Green's 22nd of the year. Bravo, sir.


Southeast Standings

Washington 56 35 16 5 75
Florida 55 28 19 8 64
Carolina 56 27 24 5 59
Tampa Bay 56 19 26 11 49
Atlanta 56 19 32 5 43

(updated 2.15.2009 at 4:02 AM EST)


Not much use in looking at the division standings any longer, given the recent struggles of the Carolina Hurricanes (who went down like sick puppies at home against the Jackets last night). We'll be covering the conference a bit later this morning.



Ovie's remarkable ability to levitate on-demand remains a well-guarded secret.





In an unconnected part of the world, eager Panther fans snap up newspapers to catch the box score from Friday's victory over the hated Rangers of New York.



NEXT UP: Last night's results in the East

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