Panthers individual all-time stats for December

As we (thankfully) leave November behind, I thought it might be a reasonably interesting exercise to take a peek at what each member of the Florida roster has done throughout their respective careers in the month of December. Very few certified gems among this crowd - due either to inexperience, injury, or a lifetime of role-playing - but the solid talents even out over time.

Key:  gp (games-played), g (goals), a (assists), p (points), pim (penalty minutes), ppg (power play goal), ppa (power play assist), shg (short-handed goal), sha (short-handed assist), gw (game-winning goals), sog (shots on goal)


Steve Bernier  -  57gp  14g  11a  25p  -3  22pim  4ppg  4ppa  95sog

David Booth  -  17gp  4g  6a  10p  +2  2pim  1ppg  46sog

Radek Dvorak  - 179gp  36g  61a  97p  +6  44pim  6ppg  10ppa  4shg  1sha  3gw  388sog

Michael Frolik  -  29gp  9g  12a  21p  -4  29pim  2ppg  6ppa  2gw  83sog

Chris Higgins  -  50gp  11g  12a  23p  +1  12pim  3ppg  3ppa  124sog

Darcy Hordichuk  -  79gp  5g  6a  11p  -3  164pim  1ppa  27sog

Shawn Matthias  -  18gp  2g  3a  5p  -1  4pim  1gw  16sog

Marty Reasoner  -  103gp  15g  18a  33p  -26  67pim  4ppg  5ppa  2sha  2gw  137sog

Steven Reinprecht  -  98gp  23g  36a  59p  +14  26pim  3ppg  11ppa  1shg 4sha  4gw  145sog

Michal Repik  -  9gp  2g  1a  3p  Even  4pim  10sog

Mike Santorelli  -  2gp  0p  Even  1sog

Cory Stillman  -  159gp  41g  67a  108p  -7  68pim  14ppg  23ppa  3gw  310sog

Stephen Weiss  -  88gp  24g  26a  50p  +2  26pim  9ppg  10ppa  6gw  177sog

Likely to miss considerable time: Byron Bitz (lower-body), Rostislav Olesz (finger)


Bryan Allen  -  74gp  3g  12a  15p  -6  87pim  1ppg  3ppa  72sog

Keaton Ellerby  -  Never played in December

Jason Garrison  -  6gp  0g  0a  0p  +2  0pim  3sog

Dmitry Kulikov  -  10gp  0g  3a  3p  +3  8pim  3ppa  14sog

Bryan McCabe  -  184gp  24g  58a  82p  +23  332pim  10ppg  34ppa  1shg  2sha  3gw  344sog

Mike Weaver  -  66gp  0g  11a  11p  Even  30pim  1sha  38sog

Dennis Wideman  -  67gp  10g  31a  41p  +4  36pim  7ppg  21ppa  3gw  139sog


Tomas Vokoun  -  88gp  37w  31l  8t  6otl  204ga  2401sa  2197sv  2.58gaa  .915sv%  6so

Scott Clemmensen  -  22gp  11w  8l  1otl  57ga  618sa  561sv  2.73gaa  .908sv%  0so

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