Tomas Vokoun gets no respect- Updated

Scott Burnside at ESPN writes-

Of all the teams still fighting for a playoff spot or set for the playoffs, perhaps no team relies more emphatically on its netminder for success than the New York Rangers.

Burnside clearly has a case of New Yorkitis. Lets examine the NHL Eastern Conference standings and where Florida and the NY Rangers stand

8th Boston      68    30    26    12    72
9 NY Rangers     69    31    29    9    71    
10 Tampa Bay     68    28    28    12    68    
11 Atlanta       68    28    29    11    67    
12 Florida             67    28    29    10    66

8th is the last playoff spot. New York and Lundqvist are 1 point out of that spot but have played one more game than Boston. In fact they've played more games than all 5 times fighting for the 8 spot. Florida has a chance to narrow the gap between itself and Boston if they beat Washington tonight.

Now lets look at Lundqvist's and Vokoun's stats

2    Tomas Vokoun, FLA    56    23    22    2.36     .930    
10    Henrik Lundqvist,     NYR    60    28    23    2.45   .919

Now lets look at the Goals scored for the Panthers and Rangers

New York 181
Florida     174

Who are the three leading points scorers for each team


Marian Gaborik, RW     63    36    37    73
Vaclav Prospal, C     62    17    35    52
Ryan Callahan, RW     69    18    18    36


Stephen Weiss, C     65    23    27    50
Nathan Horton, C     51    17    29    46
Steve Reinprecht, C     67    14    22    36

Gee whiz New York's top 2 goal scorers have more points this season than Florida's #1. How is that so Scott Burnside?

I'll also point out that Vokoun went 8-4-2 From for the month of January(he started all of Florida's games) a Save Pct of over .940. That .940 is outstanding but Vokoun had to be like that. Florida scored 32 goals for the month or  2.27 per game

In that same stretch the Rangers supplied Lundqvist or his backup  36 goals in 16 games or 2.25. The Rangers went 6-9-1 that month. Because NY Goalies gave up 41 goals.    

Florida in its last 18 games has only twice managed to score 2 or more goals in regulation. The total amount of goals for Florida in those 18 games-33

For New York in its last 18 games has scored 2 or more goals in regulation 9 times. Tho total amount of goals for the Rangers in those games- 46

Obviously Scott Burnside doesn't- Look at the stats before making statements in his columns or doesn't pay attention to all of the NHL. Tomas Vokoun is having a incredible year but this ESPN writer doesn't seem to have noticed.  

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