End of Season Player Ratings

Horton - 8/10 - He really re-defined his game this season, he's become much more mobile and he doesn't float around looking for chances anymore. This was possibly his best season so far in the NHL, under the right circumstances I think he can still be a go-to-guy and a consistent 30 goal scorer.

Weiss - 8/10 - 60 points or so is probably his ceiling, he proved this season that he can't get it done on his own and he needs a guy like Horton or Booth.

Booth - 8/10 - Only 8 goals but he was outstanding when healthy and that 8 goals could have easily been 15 with a little more luck in front of the net.

Frolik - 7.5/10 - Sophmore slump? Absolutely not, he earned the same numbers as last year and has looked pretty good all year. Dissapointing that he didn't make a jump this year but I think he's still capable of 30 goals, 60 points.

Reinprecht - 6/10 - He brought exactly what was advertised... not much. He's a decent 3rd liner and a bad 2nd liner. His relevence to the team next year will depend if we get someone to bump him down to the 3rd line or not.

Dvorak - 7/10 - He's been suprisingly bad defensively, especially on the penalty kill this year, but he's still one of the hardest workers, a good leader and one of the better 3rd liners in the league.

Olesz - 6/10 - 30 points and solid play isnt bad for a 3rd liner, it's horrible for someone of his paygrade though. His forte has always been defensive play and its a testament to his defensive abilities that no one ever notices him. It's too bad he was given so much money, if he wasn't he would probably be celebrated as a solid defensive forward, instead he's constantly critisized for not being able to play a style of game that he wasn't drafted for.

Campbell - 6/10 - He is a leader. Period. Forget the goals, thats not his game, he'll probably always be a role player and I think I speak for most Panther fans when I say theres always a spot on the fourth line for him.

Stillman - 7/10 - He's still got it, very crafty when healthy, nothing bad to say about him but it would probably benefit the team if he was replaced by someone who can play a full season.

Matthias - 6/10 - Gaining confidence every shift, I expect 40 points out of him next year.

Kreps - 3/10 - His mediocre faceoff ability doesn't warrant his place on the roster, time to move on.

Bitz - 5/10 - He's a banger, not much more, I wouldn't expect much from him next year.

Oreskovich - 4/10 - Same as Bitz, just worse. He doesn't bring much to the table aside from a hit every now and then, AHL calibre player.

Repik - 6/10 - 100% ready for the NHL, loves to shoot the puck, very creative, creates space for himself and teammates, very fiesty. It would be a shame if he doesn't make the team out of training camp.

Mcardle - 4/10 - A healthy Mcardle might eliminate Oreskovich's chances of making the team, Mcardle is a banger like Oreskovich just with a little more talent, like Bitz.

Tarnasky - 5/10 - A fighter who's more than a fighter, he's earned a new contract and a spot on the team next year.

McCabe - 6/10 - ZERO creativity on the power play, how many times have we seen that stupid behind the back pass? He gets his shots blocked way too often and his defensive play ranges from decent to atrocious. He still creates goals although his play is absolutely nowhere near deserving of his salary.

Ballard - 7/10 - Since the break he's shown us his true self, probably our best defensemen after we traded Seidenberg and Leopold.

Allen - 7/10 - His usefulness is limited but he plays within his limits and is fairly effective.

Kulikov - 6/10 - Before january I would have given him a 1/10 but he's almost an NHL calibre defensmen now. Kulikov will be ready to positively contribute to the team next year.

Garrison - 7/10 - Where it took Kulikov an entire season to learn the NHL it took Garrison about 5 games. He should be a solid defensmen for a long time.

Ellerby - 5/10 - He looks shaky, probably from all that time sitting on the bench. Deboer has a habit of continuing to bench young players after they have good shifts and I am starting to question whether or not Ellerby will ever make the team.

Koistinen - ?/10 - His play is very similar to Ossi Vaatanen's who is proving to everyone that you dont need to be big to be a good defensmen.Hopefully Koistinen will get a chance to play D next year, he was our best defensmen in training camp.

Vokoun - 9/10 - Hopefully he'll regain his confidence (with a western team!).

Clemmensen - 6/10 - Who knows how he'll play, he and Markstrom could make a good combo, they could make an atrocious combo though. Predicting if Clemmer will be useful to us or not next year is a shot in the dark.

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