Panthers perspective on the week ahead: 2/14-2/20


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At this point in the NHL season, making the playoffs means not only must the Panthers win but certain teams must lose, especially those seeded #5-10. The five most important factors to accomplish this feat are (1) the Panthers always win (2) points leave the Eastern Conference in inter-conference games (3) seeds #1-4 always win (4) seeds #11-15 beat seeds #5-10 and (5) no overtime games.  Based on these rules, my interpretation of who needs to win this week in the Eastern Conference and potential standings at the end of the week after the jump.

Date Away Home Benefits FLA: Significance
14th WAS PHX PHX Points leave EC
15th TOR BOS BOS Toronto would move within 1pt of the Panthers with a win

BUF MTL MTL Buffalo is ahead in the standings, +5pts with a win

NYI OTT OTT Doesn't really matter, OTT win would raise EC 15th place

PHI TBL TBL PHI in losing streak when they play the Panthers
16th  TOR BUF TOR Buffalo is ahead in the standings, they are a problem

CAR NJD NJD Inflate NJ's points (they are not a factor, whereas CAR is)

PHI FLA FLA Win, dammit, win!!

PIT COL COL Points leave EC

WAS ANA ANA Points leave EC
17th BOS NYI NYI Doesn't really matter, but slow Boston down a little

LOS NYR LOS Points leave EC

DET TBL TBL DET in losing streak when they play the Panthers

MON EDM EDM Points leave EC, ups points for 1st draft pick

ATL PHX PHX Points leave EC, ATL ahead of us

WAS SJS SJS Points leave EC
18th NYR NJD NJD NYR must fall out of playoff spot

STL BUF STL Points leave EC, Buffalo must begin losing

BOS OTT OTT Doesn't really matter, but screw Boston anyways

DET FLA FLA Beat another good team Panthers!

PHI CAR PHI CAR must start losing again
19th ATL EDM EDM ATL is a problem, ups points for 1st draft pick

OTT TOR OTT Toronto is catching up, slowly

LOS NYI LOS Points leave EC, but this game doesn't really matter

NJD CAR NJD CAR needs a good whipping, and losing streak

TBL FLA FLA Sorry Tampa, but we need the points if we want to see you in the playoffs
20th WAS BUF WAS Just get in another downward spiral mmkay Buffalo?

PHI NYR PHI Keep the good teams good, let NYR fall out of a spot

PIT CHI CHI Points leave the EC

MTL CGY CGY Heritage Classic, make MTL cold, cold, cold

 These are the current standings (2/14) The Panthers find themselves in 11th place, seven points out  with 2 games at hand. With Toronto trading Kris Versteeg for Philadelphia draft picks, it appears Florida is the last team committed to find a playoff spot.


Seed Team GP Points
1 Philadelphia 55 77
2 Tampa Bay 56 73
3 Boston 56 69
4 Pittsburgh 58 74
5 Washington 56 68
6 Montreal 57 68
7 New York Rangers 58 64
8 Carolina 57 62
9 Atlanta 58 60
10 Buffalo 54 58
11 Florida 55 55
12 Toronto 56 52
13 New Jersey 56 48
14 New York Islanders 56 47
15 Ottawa 56 44


Now, if everything goes as planned, the standings could look like this next Monday

Seed Team GP Points
1 Philadelphia 59 81
2 Tampa Bay 59 77
3 Boston 59 71
4 Pittsburgh 60 74
5 Washington 60 70
6 Montreal 60 70
7 New York Rangers 61 64
8 Carolina 60 62
9 Florida 58 61
10 Atlanta 60 60
11 Buffalo 58 58
12 Toronto 59 54
13 New Jersey 59 54
14 Ottawa 59 50
15 New York Islanders 59 49


The Panthers could sit in 9th place just one point out of a playoff spot with two games on Carolina and #10 Atlanta. I know, wishful thinking, but still. Maybe if all of the celestial bodies align and coins land on their edge, we could find ourselves sitting pretty next Monday. 

Teams that must lose this week: Rangers, Hurricanes, Thrashers and most importantly Sabres.

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