The Week Ahead: 3/1-3/7 - Tanking Edition!!

Well, the two disappointing 5-1 losses last week against 'easy' teams really put a damper on the postseason hopes, and the trading of players like Bryan McCabe, Cory Stillman and Dennis Wideman has all but solidified our need to tank. With the draft class shaping up into just what we need, all we have left to do is maneuver ourselves into position for a bountiful draft day. Now believe me, there will be games in which we need to play for pride, but those will come down the line. Right now, tanking is in our hands as much as it is in the hands of other teams.

The rules for tanking become simpler, although much more painful, starting with #1, the Panthers must almost always lose #2, teams below us in the standings must always win #3, Bettman points must be earned! Okie dokie then...


Date  Away Home Benefits FLA Significance Final
March 1st BUF NYR BUF Points to lower seed BUF 3-2
NYI WSH NYI Puts NYI three points behind WSH 2-1OT
FLA CAR CAR Tank, but make it interesting CAR 2-1
MTL ATL ATL Points to lower seed MTL 3-1
BOS OTT OTT Puts OTT seven points behind BOS 1-0
NSH EDM EDM Puts EDM nine points behind EDM 2-1SO
COL SJS COL Gives FLA some space to tank SJS 2-1SO
2nd PIT TOR TOR Points to lower seed TOR 3-2 OT
TBL NJD NJD NJD could jump over the Panthers NJD 2-1
MIN NYI NYI NYI keeps on getting points NYI 4-1
3rd TBL BOS TBL Doesn't really matter BOS 2-1
TOR PHI TOR TOR keeps moving up TOR 3-2
STL WSH STL Doesn't really matter WSH 3-2
BUF CAR BUF Gives FLA extra breathing room CAR 3-2 OT
OTT ATL OTT OTT could move to four behind FLA OTT 3-1
MTL FLA MTL #### the pains of tanking MTL 4-0
CBJ EDM EDM Get on a streak Edmonton! EDM 3-1
4th PIT NJD NJD Onwards to the playoffs, Devils! NJD 2-1 OT
NYR OTT OTT OTT could move to two behind FLA NYR 4-1
CAR CHI CAR Whatever CHI 5-2
5th STL NYI NYI NYI potential overtakes FLA NYI 5-2
BUF PHI BUF Keep the hopes alive Buffalo BUF 5-3
PIT BOS PIT Doesn't really matter PIT 3-2 OT
CHI TOR TOR You have to want 9th place, Toronto!        CHI 5-3
FLA ATL ATL Yay for Radek! ATL 4-3 OT
MTL TBL MTL Continues to secure a seed for MTL MTL 4-2
EDM COL EDM Overtime please!
EDM 5-1
6th PHI NYR NYR Solidifies the Rags spot NYR 7-0
NJD NYI NYI Keep winning Islanders! NJD 3-2 SO
WSH FLA WSH Yay for Wideman! WSH 3-2 OT
7th WSH TBL TBL Doesn't really matter WSH 2-1 SO


Some things to note, in order to tank correctly, we have to look into the mighty Western Conference now that playoffs are no longer a concern. We now need to root furiously for Edmonton and Colorado to string together some wins, as well as give some love to struggling St. Louis. In the Eastern Conference, we need Ottawa and the New York Islanders to win some games and New Jersey to keep their miraculous run to the playoffs going. The factor of games played becomes inverted when you strive to tank, as now we want teams to have played less games which therefore gives them more points to potentially earn.

Here is how the league standings look today (2/28):

Seed Team GP Points
20 CAR 63 67
21 BUF 61 65
22 STL 62 65
23 TOR 63 63
24 ATL 63 63
25 FLA 62 59
26 COL 63 59
27 NJD 62 58
28 NYI 63 54
29 OTT 62 51
30 EDM 63 48


Now, if everything works out in our favor, the potential standings on March 7th:

Seed Team GP Points
20 BUF 65 73
21 CAR 66 71
22 STL 64 69
23 TOR 66 69
24 ATL 67 67
25 NJD 65 62
26 NYI 67 62
27 COL 65 61
28 FLA 66 59
29 OTT 65 57
30 EDM 66 54


And there we sit, just a few points away from cashing in on Sean Couturier, cool right? Wrong, this f-ing sucks to write, I hate the fact that I am willingly hoping for the Panthers to lose. The fact is, the playoff race in the East is becoming distant and crowded, and we have traded away all but the essential players today. Bring on the draft, next year is going to be much sweeter when we have the scoring problem fixed and can make our way into the postseason. So lets get this season over with and set sail for a crap-tastic week!

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