A Beginner's Guide to Corsi and PDO

The Cats had a 10.1 shooting percentage with C Stephen Weiss on the ice in 2011-12

I tend to use a lot of so-called "advanced" numbers when discussing the Florida Panthers. Despite being generally referred to as "advanced", the numbers are pretty easy to understand and follow. So to help those of you as yet unfamiliar with the metrics I present a beginner's guide to Corsi and PDO.


Invented by Buffalo Sabres goaltending coach Jim Corsi, Corsi in a nutshell is plus-minus for shot attempts. Notice it's shot attempts, not just shots on goal. A player gets a plus for a shot attempt, missed shot , goal, shot on net, and blocked shot, while receiving a minus for allowing a shot attempt. It's used as a proxy for possession.

Panthers by Corsi On
Player Corsi On
Sean Bergenheim 6.83
Jason Garrison 5.32
Marcel Goc 4.70

Corsi Relative (Relative Corsi)

A player's Corsi in comparison to his teammates, or his Corsi minus the team Corsi. Positive is better than the team average, minus is worst than team average.

Panthers by Corsi Relative
Player Corsi Relative
Jason Garrison 10.8
Sean Bergenheim
Brian Campbell 9.9

Corsi Rel QoC (Relative Corsi Quality of Competition)

Corsi that's measured by competition quality. It's weighted by ice time and Relative Corsi, so it gives you a better idea of who a team's best defensive players are. Of all the Corsi numbers, this is the one I tend to refer to most often.

Panthers by Corsi Rel QoC
Player Corsi QoC
Marcel Goc 1.140
Mike Weaver
Jason Garrison 1.015

Corsi QoC (Corsi Quality of Competition)

The average Corsi added in with ice time. Unlike like Corsi Rel QoC, it's harder to value because the quality of the teams faced isn't included.

Panthers by Corsi QoC
Player Corsi QoC
Jason Garrison 0.479
Mikael Samuelsson
Marcel Goc 0.424

On-Ice Sh% (On-Ice Team Shooting Percentage)

Kinda self-explanatory, the shooting percentage of the team when a player is on the ice.

Panthers by On-Ice Sh%
Player On-Ice Sh%
Stephen Weiss 10.07
Mike Weaver
Tomas Fleischmann

On-Ice Sv% (On-Ice Team Save Percentage)

Also rather self-explanatory, team save percentage while a player is on-ice.

Panthers by On-Ice Sv%
Player On-Ice Sv%
Krys Barch .959
Matt Bradley
Jason Garrison .936


Created by Vic Ferrari, writer at the late hockey blog Irreverent Oiler Fans, PDO the sum of a player's on-ice shooting percentage and his on-ice save percentage. It's used mostly to measure a players luck during the season. A PDO above 1000 is considered good luck.

Panthers by PDO
Player PDO
Stephen Weiss 1017
Mike Weaver 1016
Marcel Goc 1012
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