Fox Sports Florida to intro "Phantom Cam" technology Tuesday for Ducks at Panthers

No, this isn't the Phantom Cam. - USA TODAY Sports

5,000 frames per second? Yeah, count me in.

Received this gem via email from our pals at Fox Sports Florida earlier today, and based upon the videos linked within, we could be staring at something rather revolutionary as far as in-game video goes...


Revolutionary camera will be featured in Tuesday night’s  Florida Panthers broadcast on FOX Sports Florida

(FORT LAUDERDALE, FL) –FOX's Phantom Cam is revolutionizing game telecasts, and for the first time, it will make its NHL debut during on FOX Sports Florida when the Florida Panthers host the Anaheim Ducks.

With the ability to record up to 5,000 frames per second, Phantom Cam is able to show live game action in never-before-seen slow-motion detail. A typical slow-motion camera records at 380 frames per second or less. The Phantom Cam frame rate allows the broadcast to slow video down with clarity to show things the human eye and other cameras cannot pick up.

After rave reviews following its introduction during the World Series last year, FOX Sports has been experimenting with it further this year, giving regional networks around the country a chance to try it out. In Florida, it was featured this past season for Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays games. Tuesday will mark the first time FOX Sports Florida has ever used this technology for a NHL broadcast.

What can viewers expect to see?

•Phantom Cam a hit at World Series:

•Phantom Cam clips:

If seeing that bat explode - and watching every last crystal-clear shard of splintered wood travel in its own direction - doesn't get your blood going, well, it's time to call a general practitioner.

This looks to be, on the surface, quite a step forward in sports broadcasting, at least on the specialty end. I've not yet personally watched a game, in any sport, utilizing the "Phantom Cam", but the videos certainly bring the hair to attention in anticipation of seeing what might be visually gained with one of these things firmly focused on a goal crease. Assuming we've finally buried this particular injustice, it's that cool. Bound to be a few hiccups, but whatever.

No idea what FS-FLA's plan is going forward, i.e. how it will be used, or even how often, but I'm stoked. We'll see how it plays out Tuesday vs. the Ducks (LBC GameThread at 7 p.m.).

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