Panthers 2014 Development Camp: Recapping Day Two

Early morning from Day Two. - Shane O'Donnell

High-end prospects impress on second day of action from Coral Springs.

Day Two of Florida's camp kicked off much earlier Tuesday, with practice portions getting underway around 8:45 a.m.  Practice today consisted of more skating drills, but also contained a 3-on-3 scrimmage and a shootout.

Twitter Feed of the Action:

Hugo Fagerblom has potential, but boy is he raw.

I like Kyle Rau. Really hope he signs here.

Rocco Grimaldi is so much smaller than most of the guys but he's just so multifaceted. As Player Development Coach Brian Skrudland said, "He's such a dynamic player...  I've been to hockey games where whether he got an assist or a goal, this guy disrupted the whole game. He had the biggest guys, the littlest guys, the whole team, I think he had radio people up in the booth who wanted to come down and grab him and say "That's enough!".

This was a great pass, threaded two guys, and Trocheck undressed the goaltender.  Great stuff.

This shot was crazy impressive. Crazy impressive.

Hawryluk was a human wrecking ball, but wasn't too offensive.  Still not sure how I feel about him; he plays with energy and grit, but also has stretches of play where he just sits there and lets the opponent do what he wants.  He may be likely to head back to the WHL next season.

Great puck control, passing in traffic, and scored a nice shootout goal.  I'm very optimistic about MacKenzie Weegar.

Zach Hyman interests me. You would be looking around the rink for a big name, and then this smaller guy would put the puck in the net and you would be looking at his number and then the roster sheet to figure out who he was.  He didn't wow with chance creation, but when the puck was on his stick near the net, it usually went in. I look forward to seeing more of him.

This was a wow moment courtesy of Aleksander Barkov, plain and simple.

No action at the Ice Den tomorrow, as the guys will be doing a beach workout and a community service project.  Expect updates to come from the Panthers and prospects themselves, as I won't be there. Practices pick back up Thursday.

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