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Former Panther Gary Roberts to retire?

A tough end for the storied career and just-short-of-legendary gusto which Roberts brought to every game he played. I personally witnessed him score his 400th goal at the BAC. A special moment for me. Cheers, Gary.

Tampa Tribune: Eminger move was proactive salary dump

"So if you are counting at home, and I know many of you are, here is what (Tampa Bay's) defense will look like for the final six weeks of the season: Lukas Krajicek, Matt Smaby, Cory Murphy, Josef Melichar, Noah Welch and David Koci." - Erik Erlendsson W4E say: recognize a few of those names?

Ottawa Sun: Panthers had two significant offers for Bouwmeester

"Looking for two players, a prospect and a draft pick, NHL sources say Martin resisted offers from the Philadelphia Flyers and Vancouver Canucks at the deadline. Instead, the Panthers will make a concerted effort to try and sign Bouwmeester before he becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1." - Bruce Garrioch

TRADED: D Noah Welch, 3rd-rd pick to Tampa Bay for D Steve Eminger

The Florida defense continues to bulk up and gain experience.

Deadline Passes: Is Bouwmeester still a Panther?

Awaiting confirmation from the team, but the 3:00 limit has passed, and no word on Jay's status. Presumably he's still with the club. If he's a last-second deal, it could be a bit before anything is confirmed.

G&M's Duhatschek: Jacques Martin's dilemma: Bouwmeester

"If there is almost no chance of signing Bouwmeester to an extension, shouldn't Martin extract as much as he can now to preserve the value of his organization's most important asset?"

NESN: Florida Panthers offered youth for Jay Bouwmeester

"Headhunters in both conferences have offered youth to the Panthers in return for Bouwmeester, and the same has been done for Lecavalier. Where the two will suit up down the stretch is a matter of how well the offers match both clubs’ plans for the future." Is it me, or do the Cats need just about anything BUT youth?

CanWest's Jim Matheson: More Bouwmeester to Philly

This one's had legs all day. Cap struggles appear to be - still - the sticking point for Philadelphia. However, according to reports, Jay's agent has not been contacted about committing to a verbal agreement with the Flyers. Stay tuned.

Local Opinion: Given the option, no way Jay Bouwmeester remains a Florida Panther

The chorus of "he goes no matter what" increases in volume, this time from the Sun-Sentinel's Steve Gorten, who covers the Cats regularly: "The Panthers, in my opinion, can't change his mind no matter what they do. Bouwmeester has shown no interest to agree to any kind of deal." He makes some strong arguments to back this up.

THN's Kennedy: Bouwmeester for Briere...straight up

Solves the number-one center issue, but, man is that a long contract.

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