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Dobber Hockey: Bouwmeester speculation, Volume 3,245.


From Jeff Angus (and I'm a few days late on posting this): The Florida Panthers took a big risk when they decided not to move Bouwmeester at the 2009 trade deadline. He was highly sought after by a number of teams, and the Panthers could have fetched a pick, a blue-chip prospect, and a roster defenseman in return. Hindsight is always 20/20, and at the time the Panthers were in playoff contention and management needed to make a statement to both their fans and players that they were serious about winning. Bouwmeester (and the Panthers) fizzled down the stretch run, and once again they finished on the outside of the Eastern Conference playoffs. W4E say: nothing really new here, but any fresh bit of speculation is always fun. As for the Panthers - and whomever my be running the show - Jay's rights must be traded, preferably minutes before the Entry Draft, allowing the club to gain something from the inevitable loss. I remain hopeful the Cats can parlay a nice catch from a club desperate for BouwMania, be it with roster players, draft picks, or a combination. In any event, whatever organization wishing to grab exclusive negotiating rights (for a bit over a week's time) will need to dump salary in a big way.

Sun-Sentinel: The Bouwmeester angle


From Steve Gorten: (Bouwmeester agent Bryon) Baltimore confirmed that he recently spoke with Panthers' asst. GM Randy Sexton -- which Sexton revealed earlier today -- but said nothing has really changed with Bouwmeester's situation. "It's kind of the same position we've taken for the last while," Baltimore said. Nothing surprising there. It's Booth and his situation we're clinging to. If rival teams aren't circling like vultures for this kid I'll give birth to an eggroll.

Maple Leafs' Burke: no-go on Bouwmeester?


From Toronto Sun via SI/FanNation: The thing about Bouwmeester is, no one really knows how good he is or how adaptable he would be to a high-pressure market such as Toronto. Anyone wish to toss out a guess? Burkie knows his stuff. There's something almost otherworldly about his scouting of defensemen, whether they be old-line veterans (Nieds and Pronger) or greenies (um, Pronger). His club will be winning lots of games within two years...if he survives the uber-hands-on ownership of the Leafs.

Sun Sentinel: Montreal's Koivu a good fit for Cats?


From Steve Gorten: Koivu, who made $4.75 million last season, is 34 years old, but is a two-time All-Star and a three-time Olympic medalist. And despite missing 17 games last season because of a foot injury, he still totaled 16 goals and 34 assists, including five-game winning goals. He has averaged 60 points the past four seasons. W4E say: No. Way. He's an inspirational leader given his bouts with health issues, no doubt, but far less effective on the ice. Witness his team's inability to make a dent in the playoffs. Montreal's done nothing with him in the lineup. Though this probably has far more to do with the Habs' management than the captain himself, are the Panthers in a position to take such a chance? Florida must win now. The luxury of a rebuilding process is unavailable to them in this market; they've been rebuilding for a decade. "Strong" leaders from the late '90s/early '00s simply aren't an option. It's either coming from within (Stephen Weiss?) or via acquisition of a modern-day captain.

Rumor: Florida Panthers interested in Josef Stumpel return?


From Brochu is Hockey: According to reports in Kazakhstan, the Calgary Flames and Florida Panthers have made offers to goalie Marc Lamothe and forward Jozef Stumpel of KHL team Barys Astana. W4E say: No. Gotta be Keenan's Flames; he signed him to Florida originally, but this is not a Jacques Martin-type of player. Or DeBoer, for that matter. Thanks, Bubbles @ HF Boards

More Bouwmeester scoutage: In Lou We Trust


Also chiming in on the Jay Sweepstakes, John at ILWT presents his reasons why - and why not - the Panthers' UFA should be included in the Devils' lineup next season: Let me be blunt: Short of a miracle, the Devils aren't going to get Bouwmeester. Look at Brian Campbell when he was a free agent. A young and budding offensive defenseman like him earned $7.140 million/year with Chicago in a prior offseason. While Bouwmeester would almost instantly make the Devils' defense one of the top in the league, he's simply going to be too expensive. Watch some team this summer to offer at least $6.5 million for Bouwmeester's talents. Again, he's about to turn 26 and hit the prime of his career. There are no other UFA defensemen with this much talent at this age and that all comes at a premium price. This opportunity just doesn't happen all that often. Put it this way, if Brian Rolston got 16 offers last summer, then Bouwmeester should be getting offers from nearly every team in the league! W4E say: That's the second time we've seen Chicago defenseman Brian Campbell mentioned in the same breath as Bouwmeester. One year ago it was Calgary's Dion Phaneuf. Not sure it says more about the former or the latter.

Blueshirt Banter: scouting The Bouw


Nice piece from Jim at Rangers blog BB on everyone-but-Jacques Martin's favorite unrestricted free-agent to-be: But unfortunately he won't come cheap. If Glen Sather wants him that badly he will have to move mountains. If (Brian) Campbell made 8 million a year last year JayBo is going to be looking for about the same money, no questions about it.

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