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Signed! Keith Ballard

JM the GM continues to solidify his formidable defensive corps by signing newly-acquired d-man Keith Ballard to a six(!) year contract extension. These loooong-term deals are becoming the norm, and...

This Hooouse is Freeeakin' Sweeeeeeet.

It would appear that new Cat Cory Stillman has decided on permanent living quarters, according to blockshopper.com.In other Stillman news, the Panthers forward has lent his head to the producers of...

On the Glass - Saturday: Belak, Booth, The Beach & Ballard

Looks like Wade Belak, he of no points in 17 games, brings far more to the table than sheer offensive numbers, his bench boss says. "We want to make sure teams know when they're playing the Florida...

Quickies: End of Two - Cats up 2-0

Cory Stillman scores his first Panther home-ice goal, on the PP.Notes: Cats keeping the momentum going with stronger posession play in each zone. Much more fluid and strategic. Isles continue to be...

End of Two: Blues up 3-0

Mark my words on this one, Kids: Nick Boynton, The Beach himself, will explode. Something's got his goat, something bothersome enough to warrant his taking a penalty - while on the bench - for...

Jokinen on Florida: ..."And I hear they finally have a good coach."

Boooooyah! Care to volley it, JM?No surprise to those of us Illustrious Twelve who follow the Panthers closely, but it does bear repeating: Phoenix hosts Florida tonight (9pm, FSN-HD) and a few...

Surprise, Surprise: TLB's Official All-Star Write-In Campaign

Joining The Collective late is better than not joining The Collective at all, so here's the inaugural TLB Pick-Your-For-Real-Worthy-Panther Write-in Campaign. Everyone else is doing it.The league...

Pick-Your-For-Real-Worthy-Panther All-Star Update

TLB will begin running the All-Star vote totals for our trio of deserving Panthers on a regular basis, or at least when I remember to do it. David Booth: 236 (311,220 behind leader Alex Kovalev)K...

Pick-Your-For-Real-Worthy-Panther All-Star Update - 11/26/08

It's time again to see who's been paying attention. Off to NHL's All-Star Game homepage to see how our three-headed American monster is performing in polls. David Booth: 261 (339733 behind Kovalev)K...

"Pick-Your-For-Real-Worthy-Panther All Star" Update - 11/28/08

He just voted for our boys. Have YOU?Gather 'round the fire, kids: it's time to check the NHL All Star Game vote totals on our trio of Deserving Panthers. David Booth (11G-2A-13P): 295, up from...

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