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After 15 years, NHLFA shutting down


A long-tenured organization that wished to represent the voice of National Hockey League fans goes the way of so many fan-representative groups before.

Lock-out And Load: Why An NHL Lockout Needs To Happen

As we watch this debacle continue to unfold, as we pick sides and bang our fan-drums while condemning millionaires for their supposed greed, as the media continues to provide insight and...

What Do NHL CBA Negotiations Have To Do With Presidential Election Politics?

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article asks if a private equity transition could help solve some of the NHL's problems. On the Forecheck offers reflections and insights to answer the question.

MLS and the Union Are Going for Mediation. So What's Mediation Again?


What's the next step in our management-union deadlock? It could well have been a strike. Actually, it could still be a strike, but fortunately neither side is there yet. Instead, what's happened...

An open letter to Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr


Procrastination, posturing and propoganda will not solve what owners and the Players Association will discuss during forthcoming labor negotiations.

Dear Offseason: an open letter


What everyone really wants to say to the offseason.

Serie A on Strike- Who, Why, and When?


So unless you've been living under a rock, you know that there's a rather contentious Collective Bargaining Agreement being negotiated in Serie A right now. The AIC, the Italian Players...

Royals Management and Others on Hard Slotting From August


Just interesting given today's developments and discussions. Some interesting quotes. ________ "The general view among industry insiders is that the players’ union will staunchly oppose any "hard slotting" in the draft, rebelling against any policy that could be considered a salary cap — even if that cap is relegated to players who have never played an inning of professional baseball." [yeah, not so much] _____________ '"In some drafts, there are picks that are worth the highest order, and in other drafts, there are picks that are worth a lot less," Boras said. "So (baseball shouldn’t) create some falsity and take away that intellectual evaluation because talent doesn’t run uniformly every year; it runs in flows and streams."' _________________ Boras also holds a belief that a hard-slotting system could push young baseball players toward other sports. Royals general manager Dayton Moore disagrees with that sentiment, but Royals officials do expect that more high school players will elect to go to college — at least for a year or two. "What? Are players not going to sign?" Moore says. "The money doesn’t make the player. What ultimately makes the player is his willingness and his passion to play." _________________ "My problem sometimes," Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur says, "is that you get a first-round pick, and that’s a lot of money to pay a high school kid who’s 18, and you don’t exactly know what you’re always gonna get. But at the same time, that’s the great thing about baseball — the free-agent market — you can get what you can get." Francoeur is serving on a players’ association committee as both sides prepare for negotiation, and he’s thought about the options. Maybe you move the signing deadline up to the beginning of July, he says, and that would lessen the leverage of draft picks and get them out playing earlier. This much is certain: The multimillion dollar signing bonuses are catching the eye of veteran major-leaguers. "I think it’s just getting out of control now," Francoeur says. ________________________ Might be too easy, but that last one is illuminating to read with this in mind.

MLB Basic Agreement Generates Profit for All


Yes, it's significant that profits have stabilized at 9% league-wide. What's even more significant is that the profit is widely distributed. As profits spiked, so did the number of profitable teams.

Players Unions and the Economics of Warfare


Unlike the NFL, the possibility of a lockout looming large despite skyrocketing revenues and fan interest, the prospect of a 1994-style labor stoppage is almost unthinkable in baseball today.

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