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Stocking the Pond in San Antonio


If the Florida Panthers hope to achieve long-term success, San Antonio must become a proving ground for more of its prospects.

The Poetry of the HF Boards


I didn't get to look at the HF Boards on the topic of the Smyth trade until it was all wrapped up with a bow on it. Here are the first several pages of comments, with minimal editing to reduce...

Crackpot Roster Musings: Kings 09-10


Assumptions: Kings sign one of Hossa, Gaborik or Havlat. Kings keep the number five pick and select MSP, Kane or Duchene, whoever is left. FORWARDS: If Hossa or Havlat: Frolov/Kopitar/Hossa-Havlat W...

Kings Shutout St. Louis Blues 4-0


The Kings traveled to St. Louis to play the Blues and I had a few concerns going into this game: (1) Matt Moulson was benched for Kyle Calder, (2) Tom Preissing was benched for Peter Harrold, (3)...

Is This Really Happening?: Kings 3, Stars 2


Four wins in a row? I'm still watching the Kings right? According to ESPN, the last time the Kings have had this long of a winning streak was back in October of 2007. A bit lame, but, hey, I'll...

C'mon Really?: Ducks 3, Kings 1


This Freeway Faceoff BS has got to go. I'm sick of the Ducks. Period. It seems like every game starts out and the Kings are playing at the same level as the Ducks, but as the game nears its ending,...

Asshole Coming Through


Well, Lombardi finally made a splash tonight after a very quiet Free Agency opening day with many GMs out of their minds signing players to ridiculous contracts. The wait was killer as a Kings fan...

Kings Schedule In Depth


When the Kings schedule was released last year, I spent numerous labor-intensive hours examining and breaking down the schedule. Two days ago the Kings released the 09-10 schedule with a very...

Frozen Fury Is Where It's At!


I have left the blog for a few days to head to Las Vegas for the 12th annual Los Angeles Kings Frozen Fury being held in MGM Grand! I've already mentioned this a few times, but I'm just reiterating...

Dean Lombardi is Stupid/Dean Lombardi is a Genius


The Kings signed defenseman Matt Greeene to a 5-year deal worth about $2.95 million dollars, ensuring that they'll always be able to balance out all their good puck-moving defensemen with a guy...

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