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The Difference - Panthers vs Lightning game experience

Last Sunday, 2/6, I was invited to go to the Tampa Bay Lightning game vs the St. Louis Blues.  When I arrived I noticed many things that were different, and better, than the fan experience the...

Cats Acquire First-line Center!


Well, not really.For my inaugural post, I present: Nothing!It's August 11th, people. Other than standing idly by waiting on His Highness Lord Sundin to decide his fate, there's not much left to...

But How Were the Restrooms?


"Among the stops I’m not crazy about, in no particular order:Sunrise, especially the building there, nothing good about it.Detroit, just not crazy about it.Raleigh, no atmosphere in the area the...

From the Desk of W4E: Panthers - And Fans - Lack Hate for In-state Rival, and Vice-Versa


I'd like to welcome BoltsMag to The Litter Box universe. Fresh and consistently updated, a great resource for Lightning - and hockey - fans alike. Remember, Cat faithful, the same day Wayne...

Krajicek Back in Florida


Remember this guy? Lukas Krajicek? The centerpiece in that multi-player trade with Vancouver a few summers ago? Well he now belongs to Barry Melrose and the Lightning, who sent defenseman Shane...

And it's Come to This...


I've resisted comment throughout the Summer Circus in Tampa, but one word is all I can muster at this phase: Dumbfounded. Icethetics has a full op-ed on the abortion above.

A Closer Look: The Hockey News - Power Rankings 11/10/08 (Your Cats: 27th)


This includes the road victory over the Ducks, mind you. Sigh. Last week they were ranked number 26, so we're not talking a colossal slide. The real question is who finished in worse shape? THN has...

Don't Know About You, But...


...anything amiss? Got this here. Sounds pretty non-denominational...until the picture is opened. Schmucks. See? Here's the reason attendance has been flagging in Sunrise: the Panthers play in the...

AccuScore Prediction: Bolts, 2.4 to 2.1


The Lightning are obviously an improved club versus the first several games of the season, so no surprise here. However, Cory Stillman wasn't included in the stats, but evidently will play, so...

Balsillie Scouting Florida Panthers ?


Was touring the 300s at the BAC during last night's game against Tampa Bay when what appeared before me at the entry to a packed luxury box, focused like a laser, but this:My apologies for the lack...

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