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Matt Cooke being the Dr. Jekyll to the Pens Mr. Hyde


really? i was under the impression that Mario specifically said that Cooke had no job with the team this coming season...guess not.

Working Link to Clarkie's "Mario" Interview


Ignore the summary. Just click on the podcast.

NBC Sports on Lemieux's Comments


Shero "talked" to Cooke. Guess that showed him!

Mild Fischler Rebuke of Mario


But you should have seen him during the second intermission of the Carolina-Devils game. He was absolutely livid tearing into Lemieux and the Pens. When Daneyko tried to give Talbot some credit for answering the bell with Haley, Fischler lit into him as well and started talking about the Martin imbroglio when he went turtle. Great TV!

E. Staal, Lidstrom named ASG captains


Brendan Shanahan, the NHL's VP of hockey and business development, talks to PuckDaddy about the All-Star Game format, the players' concern of Sid's health, and a neat little Lemieux story.

Winter Classic Photos - Updated Edition


Some of the photos I've gone through are out on Picasa. I'll probably do a proper post sometime after we get home and I've had time to go through the rest. Tough loss but what an event.

Details of Lemieux Statue Surface


Some key points from Rossi's article: -A California artist is working on the statue, hopefully to be dedicated sometime in 2011. -It will capture Lemiex circa 88-89, splitting a pair of unidentified Islanders defenders. -Members of the Pens ownership group are paying for the statue as a gift to Mario. -The statue will rest at the front of Trib Total Media Gate along Fifth Avenue. (The last point is odd because the Trib gate is along Centre Ave not Fifth, but it seems to make more sense for it to be there rather than at the American Eagle Gate.)

Lemieux to skate in Winter Classic alumni game


I think I would rather watch this game than the All-Star game!

Pittsburgh Ownership War Heats Up


Not really sure what to think of this article (validity, ect.), but if this is really going on, it's very interesting...Interesting in the sense that the Pens have only one Stanley Cup in the 17 straight years the Bucs have been a sub .500 team. Wouldn't they technically have two since then though (if you don't count this season)? Either way, it doesn't matter, the argument is still ridiculous...We've been knocked out of the playoffs 4 out of the past 5 years! Think about that...15 out of 16 teams are knocked out every post season. That little stat is very misleading.

Be part of the Mario Mosaic


You can reserve your place in Pittsburgh’s new Consol Energy Center and help Mario give others a chance to win! For just a $66.00 donation to the Mario Lemieux Foundation, your photograph, combined with thousands of others, will create a 20’ x 8’ Mario Mosaic that pays tribute to the career of Pittsburgh Penguins hockey legend and Hall-of-Famer, Mario Lemieux. The mosaic will be displayed in the main lobby of the new Consol Energy Center, allowing the general public to view the mosaic during regular business hours free of charge! Most importantly, your tax-deductible donation will support Mario’s greatest passion – giving back to the community through the Mario Lemieux Foundation’s cancer research projects and Austin’s Playroom Project.

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