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Bryan headed back to the scene of "YES!" in Miami

Little has been said about it so far, but Daniel Bryan will be challenging for the WWE championship at the American Airlines Arena in Miami at Hell in a Cell on Oct. 27. That's right back at the...

Mando bats for Miami in NFL Network's mock draft


Armando Salguero, The Phinsider's second-favorite media whipping boy, recently called in to NFL Network's On the Beat mock draft segment to make the Miami Dolphins' selection at No. 12. Good news:...


Professional Wrestling as an Olympic Sport?

Fans the world over are angry. The target of their rage is the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for cutting wrestling from the 2020 Summer Games. While there is still a chance mankind's oldest...

Clamor for Orton continues in Miami: Now among Miami Herald Writers


In today's Miami Herald...this is great - it drives his value up should we decide to trade him. One significant quote from the article: "The pursuit of Orton, by trade from Denver, should not be stymied by a contractual snag or by Miami balking at giving up a draft pick one round higher than it would like. Nor should the pursuit of Orton be called off because Moore was signed. This position is too important. If the Dolphins are going to overspend anywhere, let it be at the one position that has haunted the franchise ever since Dan Marino retired."

Sorting out the Panthers' Goaltending: Tomas Vokoun


Despite another "difficult" season (he finished with the second most losses in the league with 28) Tvo was retained at the deadline and reminded the press that he wished to stay with Florida

Panthers president Yormark sparks bizarre Twitter dispute with local beat writer


Strange happenings afoot in PantherLand

Big Time Miami Booster Shapiro to Write Book About Violations


This should be an interesting read for the NCAA. Think they will stay on campus a little longer and for more than the text messages now.

Herschel Walker Understands the Risk of MMA


Herschel Walker speaks about knowing the dangers of MMA and not having plans on becoming a champion.

Florida Panthers beat writer completes Sunday of Insanity


From the Miami Herald's George Richards: Hockey at 1 p.m., then a quick cab ride to see the Dolphins in New Jersey. A flight to Boston for a basketball game, then back to Philadelphia for the Series. It may have been a crazy schedule, but it was plenty fun. And everything had to fall into place. One accident on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx or a delayed flight into Philadelphia and good night, thanks for playing. Very kewl stuff, GR. That's a helluva lineup, too: Jets-Phins, Rags-Broons, AND a World Series game. Sick.

Miami Herald forgets that Barnett won't be fighting Fedor


Miami Herald forgets that Barnett won't be fighting Fedor

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