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Answer to the rumors, Marty


Addressing the trade request situation wth an admission or a denial is better for all parties and the fans than avoiding the situation.

Quick Strikes: Sochi is no Lake Placid


USA versus Russia was thrilling, but it wasn't that big... J.P. Cote's sitting for a while for a hit in Norfolk.

WWE announces Laura A. Brevetti as General Counsel


In an intriguing move, earlier today WWE announced Laura A. Brevetti as their new Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, who will report directly to owner Vince McMahon. Unlike most corporate hires, this one is noteworthy, as Brevetti, along with her colleague Jerry McDevitt, successfully defended McMahon in his steroid distribution trial in 1994. In late 1995, Brevetti's husband Marty Bergman was accused of witness tampering on his wife's behalf by The New York Post and Village Voice. Both newspapers detailed how he posed as television producer for A Current Affair and offered the government's star witness, McMahon's former secretary and lover Emily Feinberg, a significant six figure sum for a tell-all interview and work as a consultant on a movie about Vince.

Moment #25: Mike Piazza announces, 'I'm not gay. I'm heterosexual.'


Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Baseball, 2002. In the June/July 2002 issue of Details magazine, then-New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine said...

Isles Deny Post EXCLUSIVE about Isles Sale Talks


The Post says the Islanders have discussed a possible sale. The Islanders deny it. The Post also says the Isles lost more money than recent year last season.

PolitiFact.com conned by HHH's WrestleMania lies


On Triple H's recent statement that "WrestleMania" now outdraws the "Super Bowl", Poltifact.com rated it "Mostly Correct" based on the attendance figures published on WWE's corporate website. Here...

Quick Strikes and Open Thread


The financial divide between teh NHL and NHLPA is narrowing, but the hyperbole is ratcheting up. Marty does not want to fade away, Roloson goes back to school, Luongo rumors, and Caps fans don't...

2012 NHL CBA: Ownership wants more, revisited

Between a New York Post report and an anonymous owner's suggestion the league is losing money, the notion NHL owners are out to simply dominate labor and the NHL Players Association rings true once...

When Columnists Attack: Post Hit on Islanders Gets It Predictably Wrong


New York Post columnist takes another semi-annual shot at the New York Islanders, and as usual gets the rationale wrong.

When the Fourth Estate Pleads the Fifth


Should the sports press always report what the team tells them to? Yes, says the sports press.

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