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Islanders moving from Long Island? Nevah!

At least according to Chicago Wolves owner Don Levin, who is considered the favorite to own a potential Seattle based NHL franchise: "I can tell you there are not teams for sale that are available to move," Levin told ESPN the Magazine on Wednesday. Not the Coyotes? Or maybe one day the Islanders? "My understanding is that the Phoenix deal, [Greg Jamison] has come up with the money," Levin said. "The answer to the Islanders moving is never. They're not moving out of that market. No chance that's going to happen."

Isles' August 1st Vote Will Be Wang's Last Attempt To Develop Area

It's not Bruins-related at all, but in a day and age when re-alignment, expansion, contraction and relocation seem to be hot-button issues all at once, the fact that in just over a week the Islanders may be doing little more than waiting out their lease is an interesting prospect.

SBN Hockey does Mock NHL Expansion

Vote for which cities you think should get new NHL teams. I have a feeling the two Canadian choices will win in the end, but we'll see. No European cities, shockingly. :)

SB Nation's mock Expansion, Expansion Draft

It'll be playing out over the next few days, but SB Nation is putting together a mock-expansion draft. Raw Charge will have to submit a protected list and we'll be participating in other facets that ar e required of us... That's not the point though. Right now, you -- the reader, the prospective voter -- get to pick what cities should get (fake, made up, only for the sake of this exercise) expansion teams. Click on the title link and read the post about the Expansion mock draft and vote for your choices for the home of our expansion-exercise NHL cities.

Maybe the emperor has *some* clothes

So, I'm no Bettman apologist -- and I miss the Whalers about as much as a neutral can. But I do have a soft spot for the "non-traditional market" fan. I just watched the Canes win before yet another electric, rocking crowd at the [random bank corp.] Center, and I'm thinking: "Oh yeah, right, hockey just can never work in the South. If you don't grow up with the game, you can't get into it. Damn Bettman." Uh huh. No idea how to explain this sort of thing, though.

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