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More canceled games, season in danger


So I think we can all assume that this is no longer worth a full article, but a writeup must be done. We're used to the NHL canceling games by now, but this time it comes with an assumed drop date for the league. What does that mean? Well it means that if no CBA is reached by January 15th, the NHL is going nuclear and taking out the season. All the legal stuff that's been going on the past couple weeks seems to make that deadline a hell of a challenge to meet, so the doomsday sayers can begin their chanting now. Well, the doomsday sayers in regards to the NHL. People who think the world is going to end tomorrow (today in Australia and New Zealand) are still really, really stupid. 625 games have been canceled thus far, over 50% of the NHL schedule.

"Ten or 11" Flames players to travel to New York for CBA Negotiations


After news broke that not all Flames players would be attending the team's annual charity golf tournament, NHLPA player rep Matt Stajan has said that a number his teammates will instead be traveling to New York in a final effort to influence CBA negotiations before Saturday's deadline. "It is unfortunate we all can't go, but, obviously, getting a new CBA is our No. 1 focus because we want to play hockey. We don't want to be locked out and have a bunch of other charity events cancelled . . . or can't attend because we're locked out," Stajan told the Calgary Herald.

The Subbans Hit Toronto Radio/TV


P.K. Subban stopped by the Fan 590 in Toronto on Wednesday. During the 27 minute segment, the Canadiens RFA defenseman promoted Hyundai Hockey Helpers, which benefits KidsSport and getting kids in the rink.. Subban also shared a few other bits of info, including burgers, contract negotiations and some theme song ideas. P.K., brother and Bruins prospect Malcolm Subban and their father Karl also hit the TV screen as guests of CP24 Breakfast. Subban on his concerns for the fans, in the event of a lockout.

"Puck Labor Day"


That's the title of a new opinion piece of mine at The Daily Caller, in which I argue that fans should harness the power of the Internet to make our voices heard in the current CBA negotiations. Media outlets too often focus solely on the struggle between labor and management in these disputes, and we fans get overlooked. So it's up to us to make sure people know what we think. Click the link above to read, and feel free to share with friends!

So now what are we supposed to do?


Best line in Lance Hornby's report. "Bettman and union executive director Donald Fehr couldn't even agree on who decided to end the talks Friday, Bettman insisting he was free to chat and Fehr offering to talk about minor CBA points." Coming Soon: "Bulldogs and Nailers Eyes on The Prize"

2012 NHL CBA: The worst that could happen


"At this point, talks are recessed." -- Donald M. Fehr. That's paraphrased, as we've seen it in variations on Twitter. This post links over to Defending Big D and provides a better glimpse at the breaking news that NHL Ownership adn the Players Association are at an impasse.

NHLPA Players' Playbook


Saw this on Puck Daddy today. It's a series of videos shot by the players themselves. It stars five guys, including the Gremlin himself, as well as Scott Hartnell, Bobby Ryan, Loffrey Lupul and Marty Biron. Sneak preview video is on their site.

NHL Realignment Rescue


Knowing full well the (not so) underhanded politicking that the NHL and NHLPA are doing with this whole realignment spat, my latest entry addresses as many of the issues as possible and actually makes sense. If only the millionaires vs. billionaires would show us the fans a little respect and start off the CBA negotiations with a show of good faith and pick (and stick with) a plan.

Wings' NHLPA rep Nik Kronwall says unfairness of playoff format was a big part of what he didn't like about the proposed realignment.


Tweet from the Globe & Mail's James Mirtle on Saturday morning

NHLPA Does Not Approve Realignment


The Dallas Stars were hopeful their days in the Pacific Division would be over after this season. This appears to not be the case anymore after the NHLPA did not approve the league's realignment plan by the NHL's deadline. The league will operate under the current divisions and playoff format for the 2012-13 season. Plenty more on this later, but I can guarantee you the Stars will not be pleased with this development.

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