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Steve Smith 'Ice Up Son' T-Shirts


Who's wearing one of these on Sunday? hahaha

BRAND NEW Cam Newton Commercial


New commercial featuring my boy ace-boogie cam newton Dominating the 5th Quarter

Rotoworld predicts RB Stewart to Broncos for 2nd round pick


In an article entitled "Ten Pre-Draft Trade Candidates," Rotoworld gave some reasoning for the Panters trading their young RB Jonathan Stewart to Denver for a 2nd round pick in the upcoming draft. While I would prefer to see the Broncos emphasize defense in the upcoming draft, I could live with this trade. Having a younger, talented RB to share the load would make an awful lot of sense. It would also give the Broncos some options to consider regarding Moreno. What do you think?

Help Name Our Florida Panther Cub


Donate $5 for the opportunity to name the newest addition to the Florida Panthers! All proceeds will go towards Green Field Reserve and The Osceola Florida Panther Fund which helps preserve the endangered Florida Panther and the Florida Panthers Foundation - The Panther Cub will be at the BankAtlantic Center for selected games in October and November - PLEASE FILL IN THE NAME YOU SUGGEST FOR THE FLORIDA PANTHERS' PANTHER PANTHER CUB

Best Hands on the Panthers?


Pat Yasinskas, who has been doing a fantastic job on the NFC South blog covering the Panthers in the last few months (perhaps because there has been some positive news to cover lately!), writes an interesting blog post about Greg Olsen's hands and his potential role on the team. I have to say, having followed Olsen since his high school days at Wayne Hills, I was overjoyed with this trade, as well as the move for Hartsock. He is exactly the kind of safety outlet Cam Newton needs in his early development stage, and he will help free up our receivers on the outside as well.

Darin Gantt's Outlook on the Panthers


I said 5 days ago that SportingNews is giving Outlooks on every team, and I linked the Outlook on the Atlanta Falcons. I also said that when the Carolina Panthers were given an Outlook, I would do my own analysis... Well it turns out that Darin Gantt wrote it and I have absolutely nothing to say about it. He is much more serious than I would be; and the only thing I could see myself injecting is needless optimism.Last Word: Everyone needs to read this article.

Kopecky follows Campbell to Florida


Not all that surprising that Kopecky won't be re-signed, but who replaces him in the lineup?

Michael Silver: "Remove the Hothead!"


Michael Silver writes a headlining story destroying Jerry Richardson's character. Front page of Yahoo Sports. Pretty crazy stuff, fresh off the old presser. Should probably be front paged-- very controversial words by Silver every Panther fan should read surrounding the Labor talks. If the public sees him as awful, no star player will want to sign with us

WHO DAT NATION are Panther fans for 1 day!


Check out this PIC! Not sure who did this, but it has been making the rounds on FB for a few days!

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