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"No one goes to their games and no one watches them on TV"


Thus spake Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert on Friday, though to stay in context - and we're stretching here - he was using the quote to argue on behalf of the Versus/NBC conglomerate giving the Panthers...

Puck Daddy Radio: Pizzo and Wysh talk to Randy Moller about the roster changes.


Wanted to get this out, Puck Daddy Radio has been praising the Panthers moves lately and today they invited onto the show Mr. Randy Moller to talk about the roster overhaul. The show is not uploaded yet, as I haven't heard it yet, but usually the show will be uploaded around 3:30, 4:00 ET.

Puck Daddy and Florida's new "thirds": Pass or Fail?


From Sean Leahy: Along the same line of thinking as FanHouse, my first thought was that the Panthers new duds are the end result of a Conan O'Brien "If They Mated" sketch featuring the Penguins' and St. Louis Blues' third jerseys.

2009-10 Florida Panthers: The Puck Daddy season preview


Countdown at Yahoo! Sports continues

Puck Daddy's newest sensation: Gloating Bruins Fan


I'll let Greg explain after following the link, but this most recent contest in a growing line of brilliant reader-interactive photo-shop spectacles is the tops. This time around: "Gloating Bruins Fan" travels the globe in search of relevent moments in which to insert himself. Gold.

SBNation / Yahoo! Puck Daddy Dual Playoff Chat: today, 1:00pm


Join us over at Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy blog at 1:00 today for an open forum discussing - hopefully - Day One of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The event will be co-opted by SBNation and Mirtle's From the Rink, so expect a wild and varied - perhaps even eclectic? - afternoon of puck talk. Anyone else have a revamp of the tie-breaker procedure in mind? Hope to see ya there!

Remember that dress? Here's the owner...


      From  Puck Daddy's  Greg Wyshynski:   Well, meet Kerry D., standing here with a gentleman whose name we didn't catch. That post featuring her now-famous dress was forwarded to her...

Puck Daddy / Florida Panthers Comment of the Day


Puck Daddy's Ross McKeon made a slight error in reporting Tomas Vokoun had 41 saves in a losing effort against Pittsburgh on Sunday, which prompted this:   26. Posted by nets+2010=lebron in...

Potential Southeast playoff teams? Puck Daddy scouts 'em


Who will make it to the dance? Wyshynski ponders the options.

Puck Daddy's Wyshynski named to "100 People of Power and Influence" by THN


Big congratulations to Greg for nailing down that coveted last spot! Seriously...an awesome honor for a fantastic hockey writer.

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