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Is NHL Expansion Coming Soon?


With a new CBA in place and its biggest fires out in Glendale and Newark, the time is starting to seem right for the league to grow again.

Best Week Ever: Panthers' '93 Expansion Draft or '11 UFA/Trade performance?


With all of the action witnessed on Friday (and a tiny bit Saturday as well) combined with several moves made in the days prior, it's darned near impossible not to rank this summer's opening of...

Sunday Quick Stats: Panthers vs the Southeast


Just poking around the web on a dreadfully hot Sunday and dug up some numbers related to the Panthers record versus other teams (since the 2004-05 lockout), primarily within the division but we'll...


Video: Ever wonder what players do on the road?

They sign autographs, of course. A lot of 'em. Behold the world's largest collection of privately-held Steve Bernier hockey cards... And yes, the market for Bill Lindsay remains strong, at...

No, (the Phoenix) Situation Is Nothing Like Winnipeg, Quebec or Hartford


A fantastic summary of the emotions and realities of a whirlwind week in Glendale. Travis was most kind in mentioning Yours Truly, and he's absolutely correct in his observations.

SB Nation / NHL Mock Expansion Draft: All the available players


Some interesting names - and salaries - can be had by Virtua Quebec & Winnipeg. Results of the draft itself coming your way Tuesday.

SB Nation / NHL Mock Expansion Draft - Part Five: Panthers "Protected List" finalized


Poll: who will be chosen from among "castoffs"?

Gary Bettman: Issues in Phoenix are "fixable"


From Dave Joseph of the Panthers official site: NHL Commish Gary Bettman said on his weekly radio show Thursday the situation with the Coyotes in Phoenix is "fixable" and said relocating franchises in troubled times is not the answer to fixing problems. "When you have fans invest in a franchise emotionally and financially, you just don’t give up on them when times are tough," he said. "If the standard was, ‘When times get tough,’ we would have been out of Chicago for Pete’s sake. We would have been out of Ottawa, Buffalo and Pittsburgh, and they were all situations that were fixable." W4E say: Ummmm, Hartford? Quebec? Winnipeg? Those were evidently "unfixable", right? Smelling a nasty double standard here. And how's that long-promised big-time national TV contract coming along, G-man? Sacrificed a few clubs who had fans "investing emotionally and financially" for decades before the objects of their loyalties were ripped away for the perceived good of the league. Bogus.

Litter Box Liners and notes for Monday


Litter Box Liners for Monday

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