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Video: Jovo, Moller & Lindsay spread The Word in Puerto Rico

Very cool outreach program by the club. And after the unfortunate loss of Rio Grand Valley as a Panthers minor-pro affiliate, perhaps the Central League will consider expansion to what may be the most non-traditional market yet.

Report: Panthers radio broadcasts leaving 790 The Ticket for 560 WQAM

From the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson: Panthers games were on WQAM from the team's inception in 1993 until 2007. The Panthers' three-year contract with The Ticket expired after this past season. Randy Moller will remain the team's radio announcer. On a similar note, the Sun-Sentinel is reporting a "major announcement" is to come from the club during Thursday's cookout at the BAC.

Moller and Lindsay make pizza with Gordon Ramsay. Really.

Wouldn't be The Colossus without a link like this. Here's the deal: Chef Ramsay remakes Anna Vincenzo's, a restaurant in Boca Raton. He invites members of the Dolphins, Heat, and our Cats to engage in a pizza-making competition. Skip to the fourth commercial break to see our boys hamming it up. Thanks to the offical site for the link.

Canadian Panthers speak on hockey history, national pride

Florida's Cory Stillman: "Once winter comes, every lake and pond turns into a rink. And when you hear that Hockey Night in Canada music start, you stop everything and gather around the TV with your family and friends." A great article from Michelle Kaufman.

Moller talks goal calls

From the Washington Post: [Panthers' radio voice Randy] Moller, who will call Friday's game against the Capitals in Washington, has turned his madcap, irreverent approach into broadcast legend in South Florida, where he has developed a following that rivals that of the players. All three "volumes" can be heard here.

Sun-Sentinel: Garrison, Oreskovich to Rochester

...and Randy Moller's back! Sorry to see Victor and Jason get the (temporary) boot. They've done some great work for guys with very few NHL games under their collective belt.

Panthers' Moller OK after "health scare", legend Jiggs McDonald to fill in Monday

From On Frozen Pond: Thankfully all is well. Moller is said to be resting up and doing fine. He was released from the hospital Sunday and is back at his home in Palm Beach County. Jiggs McDonald, a Hall of Fame broadcaster who once called Florida games on radio, will replace Moller in the booth for Monday's game at least. All our thoughts are with ya, Randy...

For a Price: Panthers' Randy Moller gets time with Toronto Star

From Garth Woolsey: The special guests will give Moller their favourite pop-culture catchphrase for him to use after a Panther scores, a practice that has made Moller himself something of a pop-culture phenomenon transcending hockey. This is a vey sweet deal for a few lucky fans: spend a couple of dollars, get some A-1 exposure. Me likey. As for those who may dump on it: revenue is a rather important factor in the operation of any enterprise. No one has been sold out here.

Opinion: Randy Moller should go national

From MLive's Eric Fish: Why not give Moller a shot on some national telecasts in the United States? If he's able to create a buzz in the non-traditional hockey market of Florida, why couldn't he do it nationally? To me, listening to Moller spout off a one-liner after a goal would be like anticipating a fight between Bob Probert and Ty Domi - not if it's going to happen, when it's going to happen.

More Red Deer-Randy Moller goal-call mania

This time from ESPN The Magazine, which poses the question: "What pop culture lines do sports announcers need to work into their routines?" The Moller freight train is in full effect...EVERYONE is talking about this.

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