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New Coyotes lease approved; is the circus finally over?

Or is it just ramping up again? Friday the Glendale City Council, by a vote of 4-2, approved a new lease agreement for potential Coyote owner Greg Jamison despite a court challenge by the Goldwater...

Nassau Voters Reject Proposal to Fix Coliseum

Looks like the Islanders days might be numbered. Could one more deep run at the Cup save this team?


My ideas for NHL realignment

These are some scenarios I thought the NHL could go for 2012-2013. Plan A- Time Zone based EAST Atlantic- NYR, NYI, NJ, PIT, PHI Northeast- BOS, MON, TOR, OTT, BUF Southeast- FLA, TB, CAR, WAS,...

Worlds Colliding

From the National Post: (Young hockey fan Michelle Wu) grew up in Canton, Conn., a 30-minute drive west of Hartford. Kevin Dineen was her favourite player. She went to watch the Whalers as often as she could, and when they moved, they took her devotion to the NHL with them. And then, she landed in Atlanta.

Thrashers sold to True North, relocation to Winnipeg awaits BOG approval

And that approval seems pretty cemented in stone. Details of the deal are scattering out of Manitoba, and will continue to throughout the afternoon, but all you really need to digest is the lunacy...

Tallon, Panthers likely to cut ties with Rochester

When asked if the relationship between the Florida Panthers and AHL affiliate Rochester Americans "was done", Dale Tallon responded like only Dale can, with a golf allegory, "it would be like...


Read the link and swap "Phoenix" for "Florida"

Phoenix fan perspective... I thought this was just a great piece of writing and absolutely could be written by anybody that has taken a drive down Florida's Turnpike to the BankAtlantic...

Phoenix Coyotes file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection; Balsillie's name in play

Not a good day for fans of the Desert Dogs, but lo and behold, the league has spoken: The NHL, which has said the Coyotes won’t relocate, issued a statement saying it is investigating the proprietary of the filing. HOWEVER... "I am excited to move closer to bringing an NHL franchise to what I believe is one of the best un-served hockey markets in the world, southern Ontario," (potential buyer Jim) Balsillie said in his statement. "A market with devoted hockey fans, a rich hockey history, a growing and diversified economy and a population of more than 7 million people." Tragic. The world knows my position on relocations, but in Phoenix's case, there may simply be no alternative. The franchise is in deep doodoo. I freaked out and lost bodily control several months ago upon seeing a Research in Motion skybox at the BankAtlantic Center. Ugly. Head over to Five for Howling for full coverage.

Trouble brewing in Phoenix

On The Rink's James Mirtle offers his take on the agonizing financial difficulties facing the Coyotes. For years we Florida fans have been the brunt of jokes and arguments proposing the Panthers should be moved or folded. It's nice that it's not us this time, but being on the front lines for years, it's never a good sign, no matter the market.

Ted Strikes Back

A typical super-fan's rendition of what should be done with the Southeast Division.For anyone familiar with bulletin boards, talkbacks, and blog comment areas in the hockey universe, the opinion...

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