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Brett Brown being urged to reject Sixers offer?

Well, this certainly is no surprise as I would tell the same thing to an assistant on a coaching staff of my own. The Sixers are set up in position to have a sixty-plus loss season and are the...

LIVE! Heat Vs. Spurs NBA Game 7 Discussion Thread

Heat vs. Spurs score, live online stream updates and results for Game 7 of NBA Finals 2013 TONIGHT (June 20) from American Airlines Arena in Miami. Winners, losers, final score and more as Miami tries to win back-to-back world basketball titles.

Battle Red Newswire: Glad I'm Not A Spurs Fan

In the absence of real Texans news of any kind, let's all reflect upon what could have been in Miami last night.



I was 12 when I first saw you. 13 when I fell in love with you. And now I’m 21, and I still feel the same. You are nothing short of being an epitome of greatness, and what sets you apart from other superstars is that you embody it with such class and humility. For that, I will forever salute you. Happy 37th birthday, Timmy! :* — Charm ♥

Quick hits: Cowboys, Spurs, Lance

Three Dallas Cowboy offensive lineman have signed a deal to put out a heavy metal album. Good think the 'Boys got rid of T.O. and all of those distractions!! San Antonio Spurs trade three players...



4-time NBA champion 2-time MVP Rookie of the year 1-time All-Star Game MVP 14-time All-Star

Oct 3 2012 - Spurs open practice media

Here are video and audio clips from the San Antonio Spurs open practice on October 3, 2012.

San Antonio Spurs name Scott Layden Assistant General Manager

SAN ANTONIO (September 5, 2012) - The San Antonio Spurs today announced that Scott Layden has been named the team’s assistant general manager. Layden brings over 25 years of experience in the NBA to the Spurs front office. Layden has spent the past

One trade that will make the Spurs better.

San Antonio Gets Paul Milsap Future Second Round Pick Utah gets Stephen Jackson DeJuan Blair Gary Neal International Rights Future First Round Pick Why the Spurs would make this deal ? They finally will get their BIG. Why the Jazz would make this deal ? They have plenty of bigs to replace milsap in Favors, Kantes. All the contracts they get are only for one year. They get a pure shooter in Neal, which they really need. They get Blair also who will nicely fit into their lineup. Capt Jack is only problem but they might want his leadership and the fact that he has only 1 year left in his contract might help. Dennis Lindsay, new GM Utah Jazz, was a former PATFO.
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