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Follow SB Nation's New SEC Twitter

Get updates from all of the SEC sites on the SB Nation network, and make fun of the Big 10, all on one account! Both the SEC and Big 10 accounts launched recently, and we're now in a battle to claim the most followers. Show your support!

Changes in store for Raw Charge and SB Nation

Linking over to SB Nation baseball site Bleed Cubbie Blue here, we'd like to make you aware of profound and exciting changes that are forthcoming fro Raw Charge and the rest of the sites on the SB Nation sports network.

Background on the new logo at VU Hoops

Judging by some of the discussion here over the weekend, there is some confusion around the relationship between VU Hoops & SB Nation. As a reminder, if you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Mike, Brian, Ed or myself. This article linked above talks about the recent process of updating the blog logos throughout the SB Nation network. It's worth the read to see what our colleagues have been doing to make this place even more awesome than it already is. Oh, and if you missed our new logo announcement (and thus have no idea what I'm talking about) and the upcoming changes you'll soon see on the site, check it out here.

Developing The New SB Nation Logos

If you are curious as to the development process for the new SB Nation logos, check out the post at the Vox Media product team blog.

SB Nation Official Statement Opposing SOPA

Some of you are probably aware of the pending SOPA legislation and perhaps are wondering if this will affect things around SB Nation and more specifically The Smoking Musket. Many of you may not care, but it could have a large negative affect on our community here if it passes.

Having Trouble Loading RBR In Your Browser or Mobile Device?

One of our benevolent SB Nation poo-bahs, Luke Zimmermann, dropped in to give us some insight on the situation and some solutions. Here's what he had to say: -If you’re just seeing the newest story and no right column, while annoying, the issue can be resolved by reloading the page several times. We’re investigating a permanent fix as I type this so hopefully those issues will be alleviated shortly. -If you’re not seeing any style to RBR (i.e. there’s a bunch of text with no images), there’s no an immediate work around. It’s an issue that goes beyond SBN’s servers and while fortunately only impacts a small number of users, is something we’re working tirelessly to rectify. -If you’ve been unable to access any SBN sites from a mobile device, try clearing the cache and cookies on your phone and see if the problem persists. Also see if it works on 3G/4G as opposed to WiFi and vice versa. If all else fails, e-mail us at support (support AT sbnation.com) so we can see how to investigate further. -Lastly, if you’re just experiencing slow load times or intermittent z-functionality, there’s no known issues in those regards but you can always try resetting your browsers’ cache and cookies or trying another browser and seeing if the problem persists. There’s no reason all other things equal z shouldn’t work in multiple browsers. If you have any other questions, complaints or just want to thank him for helping out, please post them below.

College Football Buffet: Week 1 Offers Plenty Of Delicious Pigskin

Ease the pain of last night's tough loss to Temple with a full slate of college gridiron action this weekend. Our friend Sean Keeley has an excellent writeup.

Fan Review of the SB Nation iPhone App

NCT, a frequent reader over at DawgSports, wrote his own review of the SB Nation iPhone app and it certainly seems to be every bit as excellent as it's #2 sports app ranking in the App Store would indicate. I don't have an iPhone myself, so I can't do my own review; I'll save that for the Android version when it's released.

SB Nation to Release iPhone App

SB Nation has submitted an app to Apple and it should be available on the iTunes store soon(ish). SB Nation has plans for an Android app as well, but for now developers are focused on releasing the iPhone app. The app will be ad-supported, but free. H/T to Niners Nation for this

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