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The Rock says steroids don't work! Oh really?

Outside of experimenting with steroids as a young college footballer, The Rock denied more recent PED usage to The Hollywood Reporter. He may very well be clean, but it's hard to buy that he...

Ready for the next UM tailgate?


If you're a fan of the []_[], you need to check out KOLYR! UM b-school students are launching a new line of unisex, university-inspired footwear. We wouldn't be caught dead at a tailgate without a pair. Check them out at: www.KOLYR.com

The Rock says, "Play Like a Champion Today"


Before he was the most electrifying man in sports and entertainment, Dwayne Johnson was a defensive role player on the Miami Hurricanes 1991 national championship football team. They've honored his time there and his continued support of the school and program by naming the football locker room after him, including this mural. Photo from Michael Casagrande's twitter.

Eagles No. 53 In Collegiate Licensing Company Merchandise Sold Through June 2011


The Boston College Eagles ranked 53rd in last year's Collegiate Licensing Company merchandise sales.

Mel Kiper's Mock Draft: Ravens Pick


Mel Kiper, Draft Guru, has the Baltimore Ravens selecting Miami CB Brandon Harris with their 26th pick in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, according to his Mock Draft.

The Rock in the UFC; How Many PPV Buys Would he do?


Pro wrestling has been a big influence on MMA. With Brock Lesnar being the biggest star in the history of the sport that leads to the question....how big of a star would someone like The Rock be?

CaliforniaGoldenBlogs meetup for WNIT Championship


Stanford University is not the only Pac-10 team playing for a championship -- Cal will be lacin' em up tomorrow afternoon to play Miami for the WNIT championship tomorrow in Berkeley at 11 am PST in Berkeley. With $6 tickets available online the first 200 students getting in free, Cal is doing their part to get people in the seats. SBN's CaliforniaGoldenBlogs is doing their part as well - norcalnick is setting up a CGB section, banner and all. If you're in the Bay Area, it's guard Alexis Gray-Lawson's final game before she makes her run for the WNBA, which should be worth the price of admission ($0-6). For more info, visit CGB here.

1010 XL Interview with Miami Defensive End Calais Campbell

How many conversations have you had with the Jaguars? "I talk to the Jaguars probably the most of all the teams I've talked to." Campbell says, "They sound like they're very interested, and I think they'd be a good fit for me" "I'm a big fan of the Jags", he says. The Rest of the interview is where Calais talks about his 40 yard-dash time, the culture of football at the University of Miami, etc. It's about 5 minutes long, worth a listen. (in .mp3 format)
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