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But How Were the Restrooms?

"Among the stops I’m not crazy about, in no particular order:

Sunrise, especially the building there, nothing good about it.

Detroit, just not crazy about it.

Raleigh, no atmosphere in the area the team stays in, nothing around the rink.

Edmonton - Chris Pronger’s wife had it right.

Ottawa - the downtown area is nice, but since the rink is 30 minutes (in good traffic) outside of downtown, I’m just not crazy about going.

New Jersey - nice new rink, but it’s in New Jersey."

Thus spake the Tampa Tribune's Erik Erlendsson in his blog on Monday. The above comments were a short follow-up to his opinion on the top 10 NHL cities.

I really like when the local writers get a bit loose and let their hair down more than usual when covering their assignment. Kinda blurs the line a bit between MSM and blogging as a fan.

I doubt Mr. Erlendsson will find anyone to debate him on his thoughts about Sunrise; there truly isn't much there, though I see no obvious reason to bash the BAC. We're not talking about the Nassau Coliseum, here:

Can't imagine the kind of reception he might receive in some of these cities, especially the moment he sets foot in Newark. After the grief Barry Melrose took last year, it's difficult to conceive one of the guys now covering him would make a similar comment. Irony is so ironic sometimes.