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Cats Acquire First-line Center!

Well, not really.

For my inaugural post, I present: Nothing!

It's August 11th, people. Other than standing idly by waiting on His Highness Lord Sundin to decide his fate, there's not much left to ponder. Unless, of course, the highly-anticipated return of Janis Sprukts to the Sunrise clan gets your goat. Playoffs, here we come!

  • The Gretzky Trade 20th Anniversary Extravaganza has come and gone (though admittedly, I was intrigued by the prospect of his going to Detroit).

  • The - real - Olympic Games are only a year and a half away...and on this continent, no less. Hats off to watching AHL-calibre hockey on NBC with an easy to digest three-hour time difference for those of us on the only coast that matters to western civilization.

  • Anyone else really jonesing for a reprise of those completely awesome Checkers hamburger commercials featuring Rap Cat? Based on the Panthers' performance from that season, RC was 50% of the fun in watching the telecasts. Two out of three hockey-loathing roommates would agree.

  • For the record, I am ecstatic about the hiring of Peter DeBoer.

  • The Cory (a GREAT name, BTW) Stillman pickup was addition by, well, addition. Just getting him out of the hands of the Carolinas and Tampas of the world improves our point total by six. The guy killed us. Even if he only nets 8 goals, we have prevented an equal number from going the other way. In the division.

  • Speaking of Tampa Bay: