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Greatest-ever Panther?

In a stirring exclusion, promising D-man Branny Mezei didn't make the cut.

On Frozen Pond's George Richards posts a very summer-esque poll: Who are the greatest Panthers of all time? Get out and vote, people.

Being that the question is "greatest Panthers of all time" I am assuming this is defined as those players who made the most positive impact during their time with the club. As opposed to those few big names who've punched the clock and run for the hills when the opportunity presented itself (looking squarely at you, Igor).

Going by my interpretation, the "greatest" Cat of all time, er, 15 years, must unquestionably be John Vanbiesbrouck. Bill Lindsay had The Goal, but Beezer made it worth the effort. A more iconic representative has yet to emerge from South Florida. Yes, we may hang on to the spring of '96 way past its expiration date, but what else has there been?

All that, and he's the only NHLer with all five vowels in his last name!

Bure may have been the finest pure scorer and overall talent the team has ever stuffed into a sweater, but support or not, he didn't help the organization out of the cellar any more than King Louie or Olli.

Gotta go with results. 1996 defined the club for many years; some would say it is the defining moment, with which I would agree. And no one played a larger role nor has left the lasting imprint on South Florida hockey that Beezer has.

Thanks, Puck Daddy