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What If?

The insanely brilliant website Icethetics (formerly Tournament of Hockey Logos) regularly features fan-designed reboots - some rather outstanding - of all NHL logos/unis/colors, as well as those of many of the minor leagues. I've been a regular visitor for over a year; last summer saw the site skyrocket in popularity with it's daily updates, spy photos, and countdowns to the unveiling of each National League team's unveiling of their respective entry into the somewhat controversial Reebok RBK Uniform System or whatever it was called at the time before the term "cash grab" astutely summed up the entire mess. For those unfamiliar, it's worth a visit for many, many reasons, the least of which is a weekly item perfectly dubbed "Freak-you-out Friday". You'll have to see it to believe it. And bring blinders. Only the color-blind need apply.

Just an FYI to those who may not have been exposed to this wonderful website. I'm too new to this whole dedicated blogsite thing to be displaying the artwork, and posting someone else's efforts without their permission is a bit tasteless at this juncture, so I'll leave the potential copyright infringement arguments for another day.

But for Florida purists, and I can't stress too strongly how good some of these designs are, simply click here and behold the glories of what may have been...or may yet be.

You listening, Yormark?