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Cats - Flames...Live Scoring

See you all tomorrow against the Oil...

  • CATS WIN 3-2 come-from-behind victory. DeBoer gets first win. Three stars: (3) CGY - Lundmark (2) FLA - Bouwmeester (1) CGY - Boyd.
  • PANTHERS: Bouwmeester from Dvorak at 16:33 of the third. Sweeter. Cats up 3-2.

  • PANTHERS: Olesz from Stewart and Kreps at 10:14 of the third. Sweeeet. Game tied 2-2.

  • Decent quickie hallway interview with Keaton Ellerby covering fitness, strength, etc.

  • FLAMES: Iginla from Boyd and Aucoin on the PP late in the second. The worst kind. Flames up, 2-1. Good night for Boyd so far.

  • FLAMES: Dustin Boyd, past Anderson, at 13:02 of the second from Moss and Lundmark. Game tied, 1-1.

  • PANTHERS: David Booth from Frolik at 1:19 of the second. 1-0 Panthers.