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Cats Season Preview:

A fresh new season of South Florida hockey, Jacques Martin-style, approaches! In this series, TLB will be posting links to the best, worst, and indifferent previews of our favorite felines: the 2008-09 Florida Panthers.
In this, the inaugural edition of CSP, we present's Mike Morreale and his take on the upcoming year. Keep in mind, this is from the official league website, so if you're looking for down and dirty forecasts, dire predictions, and anti-Martin drivel, you're in the wrong place.

"The Florida Panthers last qualified for the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2000 when Pavel Bure was the team's leading scorer. The last time the club celebrated a postseason victory was three seasons earlier, John Vanbiesbrouck was starring in net."
Say, does anyone know how long it's been since Sunrise hosted playoff hockey? Apparently there are still five or six out there who don't. Bet they're in Columbus.
Otherwise, a straightforward, unbiased read. What else would it be? Chances are, folks, this will be the most positive article we'll see...