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Cats Season Preview: Yahoo! Sports

A fresh new season of South Florida hockey, Jacques Martin-style, approaches! In this series, TLB will be posting links to the best, worst, and indifferent previews of our favorite felines: the 2008-09 Florida Panthers.
It's a pleasure to present Ross McKeon - Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis' favorite columnist - and his summary of where the Panthers are headed during this season of Very Few Answers.
"Martin can concentrate solely on his role as general manager after having been removed from behind the bench, a dual responsibility that just doesn’t work in the NHL anymore."
"No one can forget the gruesome image of Zednik getting accidentally cut in the throat by an opponent’s skate blade last February."
Unless he is referring to an injury yet to happen when the Cats play the Coyotes and former Florida forward Olli Jokinen has the most tremendous case of bad luck since Joe Biden, I'm guessing Ross has missed out on the glories of YouTube. Had this horrible injury been the result of an opponent's skate, the man may (but highly doubtful) still be a Panther.
Yet another take on what might be in store...