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ECHL Officials to Work NHL Rookie Games

The NHL made a nice gesture yesterday by allowing several on-ice officials from the East Coast Hockey League to work big-time exhibition, er rookie, games.
"This speaks to the caliber of officials used in the ECHL," - Bryan Lewis, ECHL Director of Officiating
For Cat fans, this "good news" extends to us in the form of ECHL zebras working the upcoming rookie tournament in Kitchener, Ontario. Thanks to this post alone, I imagine Shawn Matthias will be watching most of the tourney from the box.
Seriously, this is a fine idea, and one which is way overdue. Everyone needs a catalyst for advancement, and what better opportunity for the guys slummin' it in double A to work some prime time contests, even if only a prospect camp?
Congrats from TLB to all the participants...this really is a special time for the guys in trenches.