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Gamenight: Cats at Oilers, Round Two

Even in Edmonton, Coach DeBoer's amazingly widespread appeal brings in the ladies.

Should be quite the battle between these two, given the animosity following yesterday's PIM-fest.

Wanna catch the contest on radio? Check out Edmonton's 630 CHED (The Big Ched); the pregame (yeah, they have those in hockey) is running at this moment. The Oil just cut 15 players, so intensity among the kids remaining is certain to be sweet.

Gonna be doing a little live posting along with a few other Florida die-hards (ahhh...the Illustrious Twelve) at the suddenly lively On Frozen Pond. George, the site is looking fantastic. Amazing what a coat of paint and new drapes'll do.

Live updates, stats, ice time, attendance, restroom capacity, peanut vendor contract disputes, and any other bit of info on tonight's Cats game can be found at's real-time scoreboard. Lots of cool widgets to explore during the game. And get your fill of the site's new look.

In other Florida news, defenseman Noah Welch loses his head...well, not all of it yet. A noble kid with extraordinary character.