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Get Ready For: Rookies! The Tourney is Almost On

Where will you get YOUR news? And so what, right? It's not like we're focused on any one guy.
It's a good thing for us - the illustrious twelve - that this deal goes down in Ontario, as opposed to, say, Oklahoma City or Los Angeles or New York, otherwise we'd get nothing.
Scratch that...OK City might bang out a box score for the locals. A-Rod isn't in the way.

God bless the Canadian media - warts and all - because they are our only on-the-scene insight to this event, which begins September 13th. (And in the local media's defense, our intrepid reporters don't negotiate their employer's budget for coverage of the team. How 'bout them FAU Owls?!!!).

I'll of course post links to any news organization that happens to cover this event featuring the Pens, Sens, Leafs, and Cats.
The Whale will do the best he can in covering the tourney but info will not be quick in coming, since I have to go purely on what others have compiled; such is the nature of the game. And the sport. And the region. Have no fear...we still rock.