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Live from Kitchener!

At this point any Panther-related news is good news, so in preparation for the vaunted 2008 Rookie Tournament, TLB has been scouring numerous media outlets (um, Al Coates of The Record) in Kitchener for info on all things feline.
"The real worry for the Panthers this coming season is the business end of the stick, not the hockey end.
The Florida economy is tanking. The tourism biz is hurting, thanks to four-buck-a-gallon gas and consumer/fan belt-tightening. Housing prices are in the dumpster, thanks to the subprime mortgage mess and the credit squeeze."
No argument there. Things are indeed tight, especially in the construction sector, where I have many friends who are teetering - at any moment - on joblessness.
Anyway, an interesting north-of-the-border take on Florida's economy and it's effect on the Cats at the gate.