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Monday Primer II: Camp Notes

The news and notes are increasing from the road, and destination number one is Cargary. Special thanks to The Big Three's Cat Pack for continuing to provide the good stuff.
The Palm Beach Post's Brian Biggane sums up the coming deluge of (non-televised, duh) preseason games.
"That schedule may seem exhausting, but coach Peter DeBoer has split his roster into two 25-man groups, each of which will play three games."
I can't see it happening any other way. Gonna kill 'em otherwise.
Biggane also alerts us to a new poll at XM Radio: Who will be the most successful of the new coaches in the NHL this year? Care to hazard a guess as to the leader?
"Listeners were asked which of the league’s four first-year coaches they expected to do the best job this season. DeBoer finished first with nearly 38 percent of the vote, followed by San Jose’s Todd McClellan with 30 percent, the New York Islanders’ Scott Gordon with 20 and Atlanta’s John Anderson with 12."
Tuesday night marks the beginning of the exhibition season. You probably were aware of that. It really hit me a few hours ago when the scoreboard popped up on MyYahoo! Hadn't seen that since June. Go Cats.