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On the Glass - Friday: Oil Up in SO,

It definitely was spirited, as expected, but the Cats, after falling behind by two goals, rallied to tie late. After enduring the five minute OT, fate had Edmonton favored on this night which saw the Panthers play their third game in as many nights. 3-2 Oil. Nice scheduling.
Work is pretty crazy this morning so I'll have to phone in the morning post.
Lots to read at the Sun-Sentinel, as Steve Gorten recaps the game, and interviews former first-rounder Keaton Ellerby.
The Palm Beach Post apparently hasn't made it to Edmonton any more than Calgary. The Associated Press did make it, however, and here's their admittedly bite-sized coverage.
GR showed up at Rexall, and filed this.
Really pressed for time, but we'll make up for it later. Can't wait for this week to end.