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On the Glass - Monday: Another SO, Rochester Gets Fat

Four losses in a row? Big deal. The real season is that much closer. JM and PeDe made their cuts, ultimately sending 23 (at last count) to the Amerks, Everblades, or their junior clubs following the game in MTL. Actually, did anyone go to Estero? Now that the Cats have sole affilition with Rochester, I'm curious what kind of use we'll get out of the 'Blades, beyond a home for Tyler Plante.
On to the locals.
Nathan Horton got his first goal of the preseason, according to the Sun-Sentinel. But later in the shootout, Nate went for the humor.
"I didn't shoot where I wanted to because I didn't want to show (Price) where I was going during the season,"
A funny guy. Steve Gorten also reveals in his blog the players sent down last night.
The Miami Herald catches coach DeBoer, who agrees that it's time to go home.
"It was good to see these guys in game action. But I think everyone is ready to get home, sleep in their own bed and get some real work done at practice.''
I've got a question, or perhaps more a condemnation: Why in the name of Brian Skrudland does this team continue to use Peltonen in the shootout???