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On the Glass: Stillman and DeBoer

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The acquisition of Cory Stillman, a kind of Public Enemy Number One around these here parts, was a masterstroke by JM the GM. As I've said previously, just getting the guy out of the division was Priority Job Two, behind Priority Job One (hiring the ridiculous Panthers' Energy Squad, of course. Say, whatever happened to that idea?).

Not having to face him a multitude of nights per season is Christmas in October. And November. And so on. For a little more depth on #61, Steve Gorten steps up:

"Of playing with Horton, Stillman said, 'The more we play together, the better we are.' "

Yet another profile of Pete DeBoer, this time a bit higher profile, from the desk of Wes Goldstein at SportsLine:

"I don't want any baggage from the past so when we started (training camp), you could see the guys were excited to be back, excited about our direction and about the changes."