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The "R" Word Rears It's Ugly Head...Again

Our bud George Richards of On Frozen Pond fame has been passed, from my failing hands, the relocation baton, a subject I've given my - somewhat obvious - opinion on this tired subject several times in TLB's infancy.

I'll simply cop out in this case, due to whine whine a long day and much-needed redo of the office at Litter Box World Headquarters. I direct those interested to The Pond itself.

A rebuttal of sorts is available at Illegal Curve.

It's been truly amazing how much mileage the relocation and contraction (sounds like some bizarre form of childbirth from this "writer's" viewpoint) talk has grown legs, thanks to our friend Greg's brilliant summer time-filler at Puck Daddy.
No matter what the situation and opinions of a few fans and journalists may be at present, the Cats are here to stay for the forseeable future. I'm certain of it.
Let's go, Whalers...!