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Remember Your Panthers: Wade Belak

Clutching a two-year deal in his gloved hands, forward/defenseman Wade Belak ("B-Wade"? Nah.) returns to Sunrise for his first full season as a Florida Panther. A longtime Leaf, he joins Bryan McCabe and Chad Kilger's spectral presence to form the Toronto Three.

It would appear Wade enjoys outdoor activities.

Now c' many of YOU almost have your own website? Kewl colors, btw.

He likes Corona! A local radio station interviewed Belak a few weeks ago. I'm embarrassed at the level of ignorance displayed by the hosts. Settle in for a rousing 15 minutes or so of the Panther pounder discussing - or trying to discuss, considering the juvenile interruptions - Sarah Palin, beer, and a rather "unique" public attitude toward Montrealers. Fun fact: he lives in Delray Beach.

Never one to shy from the rigors of combat, Number 3 takes his role rather seriously, spending weekends with the Broward Chapter of the National Guard.