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Shine Yer Shoes, Gov'nor?

Pro sports, for participants on the field or ice, can be difficult waters to navigate, on a personal level. Day to day errands and duties must be accomplished. Reality in an unreal world has to be maintained. Socks must be darned.
"Need someone to pick up family members or friends from the airport? Don't fret. The Marlins or Panthers will rush right over.

Want to book a reservation at your favorite restaurant? No worries. The Heat and Panthers will handle it."
And it goes well beyond that, explains Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. It's easy to become blinded by the sheer lunacy of the dollar amounts involved when discussing a modern professional athlete, even those feeding from the bottom end of the spectrum.
Sooner or later, even the mighty must have their oil changed, or need a haircut, or desire assistance in purchasing a new car or home. They are paid handsomely to play their respective sport to the best of their ability, to the point of ignoring most of the troubles and stresses that come with everyday life.