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Training Camp Day One: First (poor) Pictures

I was expecting a bit more, um, performance out of my Razr cameraphone, but I digress. LOTS of good shots from a much better platform are on their way.

A wonderful day had by all. Many thanks to the Florida Panthers organization for a fantastic event. Happy faces all around.

What was later estimated to be over 1,000 - in a facility built for FAR less - crowded into standing-room-only areas at IncredibleICE (you've already got the link, kids) to see Day One of the Peter DeBoer Era begin. Upon his arrival, a thunderous applause rang out. No, really.

Got a whole bunch to do - I just arrived at The Litter Box World Headquarters in breezy North Palm Beach - so I'll simply release the lousy teaser pictures from my phone. The good stuff will be here tomorrow after the standard vetting process is undertaken by loyal TLB staffers. BTW, staffers: no overtime. Yeah, again.

Squint hard HD here.

Guys ready for the pass during practice.

Hey look! That's Nathan Horton in the red! I promise.

Stanley C. just before he shut off my phone. Forcibly. Apparently he's not a fan of speaking without Teleprompters. Hmmm.

Zeds is back! And yes, his speed is there as well.

More guys looking for work.

This guy's not looking for work. Tomas Vo-something was his name...

No support here. Off to Hamilton.

PeDe lays it down during Day One.

Much more to follow tomorrow, including commentary and (really good) pictures.

As for TLB's pick for Panther-of-the-Day-Camp-Edition (excluding veterans), hands-down today's winner is a no-brainer...ask anyone in attendance: Kenndal McArdle. Bar-none, the hardest worker - among VERY hard workers, just ask Horton while he was doubled-over on the far end - was the Panthers' 20th pick in '05. BAR. NONE. Nice freaking job, KM. Most impressive.

Again, lots more to sort out come tomorrow. While the TLB newshole rapidly condenses stories from around the globe regarding today's event, we'd like to send a special hello to Phillip(sp?) and Stephanie from South Miami. Loyal members of TeamLitterBox and a pleasure to talk - intelligent - puck with. Totally agree with their comments on Anthony Stewart.

Tune in tomorrow...Same Cat time, same Cat station.