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Tuesday Primer: Count Duco, Polls, and Creepy Short Things

People have gone to prison for less sexually ambiguous photos than this.

On to the morning's features from around the globe:

  • Panthers prospect (and former Peter DeBoer underling) Mike Duco is profiled in this nice article from the Record: "DeBoer coached Duco for five seasons in Kitchener.
    'I know what Mike's capable of,'"

  • On Frozen Pond offers the continuation of a poll asking who are the most popular Panthers of the past 15 years, otherwise known as all-time. Established a few weeks back, now with a couple of additions and subtractions; A typical suspect leads the voting. My campaign to add Brani Mezei went ignored.

  • Does King Louie need a bodyguard? Former Cat Darcy Hordichuk thinks so. "Just like new Canucks centre Ryan Johnson, who also played with Luongo on the Panthers, Hordichuk knows the value of Luongo who often found himself in a Florida shooting gallery."

  • Up in Rochester, surroundings are getting cozy for the Amerks at The BCA. You want how many clubs in there? "The biggest plus is that the competition for support will encourage the four teams to provide the best possible product." Uh huh. Just ask the Miami market about that.

  • At least that's over. Florida's kids finished up the Kitchener rookie tournament - you remember, the one they hosted - with a 4-0 shutout loss to the Baby Leafs. Let's forget the whole thing. Now.