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Awesome Picture of the Day

"I've done this before, Henrik. That guy to your right, who looks an awful lot like you - Daniel's his name? - can glare at me until the ghost of Dave Babych rises from the ice; I'm not moving. Oh yeah, Davey B...not dead. Blink. C'mon...y'know you want to blink...just one blink? I'm signed through like 2056, so don't come into my house with your two-for-one deal. I wear red. Blood red. You're doused in Kelly Green, like yer lookin to rehab the Whale or somethin'. The puck remains under us. Hasn't moved. Don't be thinkin' your 33 is twice my 16, even though mathematically it is, and more. Ok, I've got it. I'll talk it over with your goalie. Captain, you say? Well that can't be! The 'C' is on his mask, for the love of Kirk McLean! Let's see it on artificial fabrics and then we'll talk..."