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Caught in the Room

"Screw you, DeBoer...I told you in practice I can do it. See any of my so-called "teammates" in the picture? Yeah. Pull me now...I dare you. C'mon. This camera deal behind me has been a thorn in my arse for a long time. Well, the so-called "war-room" can eat it. Sticks are for the weak. See that puck? I can wish it away. Remember me requesting the number 1 for my uni? I do. Wanted to memorialize the dead, or something to that effect. Ya got one more year of this over-the-top service - from a "backup", I thus remind - and I'm on to greener pastures. Thinkin' 'bout Vancouver. How's that gonna look, eh? How 'bout that? I'm an American and I said "eh". I can do this. The fans yell for the likes of McCabe, Murphy, etc. The real ones know where the action is. T-Vo's the man, but he needs me to make him the All Star he is. Quit looking for holes to plug, JM. I'll be there. But ya better be good to me. Oh, and by the way...Jose Theodore might be available for a bargain rate..."